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"   …In the end you can’t always choose what to keep. You can only choose how you let it go.   "
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"   Touch me without using your hands.   "

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"   There are two types of waiting. There’s the the waiting you do for something you know is coming, sooner or later—like waiting for the 6:28 train, or the school bus, or a party where a certain handsome boy might be. And then there’s the waiting for something you don’t know is coming. You don’t even know what it is exactly, but you’re hoping for it. You’re imagining it and living your life for it. That’s the kind of waiting that makes a fist in your heart.   "
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do you know how difficult it is to feel secure in your looks and personality and overall self when absolutely no one has ever shown any interest in you whatsoever like yeah you shouldn’t base all of your self-confidence on other people but still there’s like always that irritating little voice inside of you that tells you that you’ve never been worth a second glance or getting to know for anyone and you can try to ignore it all you want but it’s still there